Annual Review 2015-2016

The Wellfield Trust aims to provide relief from poverty to those in need, hardship or distress either generally or individually and residing in the Parish of Hatfield, by way of a one off grant payment for items, services or facilities.


Approximately 64 households have been assisted with grants this year


There are many other areas that we may be able to help with apart from those mentioned. Please ask!

Household appliances £ 6,220
Carpets £ 6,150
Beds & Furniture £ 1,800
Other Expenses £ 610

I’d like to express my thanks to the Wellfield Trust for granting us the sensory toys they are helping with the development of our baby……….. K 

 Thank you very much for the new washing machine, it is most helpful. Thank you again ….. LE

PROJECT AID (approx.)

Whitefield House Dishwasher £260
RESOLVE Computer costs  £1,000
YMCA Space re-equip kitchen £845
St Audrey’s Academy Trust Young carers  £1,000

The Trust is looking for projects that it may be able to give a grant to.  Yes, we have money to give away!  If you know of a project, based in Hatfield, whose criteria is similar to our own of relieving poverty and helping those in need, let us know!

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the financial support and extreme efficiency you have shown towards our project



THE WELLFIELD ROOM is available for hire at very reasonable rates, is easily accessible and can seat 30 people.  It is also available free of charge to self-help groups who fall within the Trust’s criteria.

Our SCOOTER LOAN SCHEME has become very successful in giving local residents back their independence.  Around 72 people have benefited from the scheme and, as scooters are ‘recycled’, more will benefit in the future.  If you know anyone who is virtually housebound and would benefit from the loan of a scooter, let us know!

Our THANKS to those who have provided services to us over the past year :-

Classic Mobility
A.L. Young
CCS Floorings Ltd.
Mike Van-Gent, Simple Systems Solutions Ltd

There are nine Trustees and two Officers of the Trust :-

TRUSTEES Sheila Jones (Chairman), John Dean, Maggie Haynes,  Marylyn McLaren,  Margaret White & Howard Morgan, Howard Brown,  George Ralph & Linda Mendez
OFFICERS Jenny Bayford (Trust Manager) & Shaun O’Reilly  (Finance Officer) 

The office is open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2.30 pm


Birchwood Centre, Longmead, Hatfield, Herts.   AL10 0AN Tel./Fax 01707 251018