Individual Aid

Are you or your family on low income and feel we may be able to help by way of a one off grant?

To apply for a grant you will need to have a sponsor, preferably someone in an organisation who is familiar with your personal circumstances like a social worker, health visitor, housing officer, warden.  If you cannot think of a sponsor please contact us direct and we will help you.

Do you work for an organisation that helps people in need and think we may be able to help your client?

The application form needs to be completed by the person or a member of the household in need and the sponsor and, unless you are applying for household appliances or carpets, needs to be accompanied by a shop-written estimate (a compliment slip with the details of the item will do).

There are many items we can give grants for such as clothing, beds, recliner chairs, school trips and uniforms.

If you are applying for a household appliance you just need to state the item you are in need of such a washing machine, fridge or cooker etc. and we will do the rest.  If you are applying for carpet, please contact the office.  Only one type of carpet is considered and usually only for the main priority room.

Information you might like to know

  • An applicant must reside in the Parish of Hatfield
  • An applicant usually has to have resided in Hatfield for six months
  • If an applicant has had a grant within the last two years, they are not usually considered for another grant (unless there are special circumstances)
  • The Committee meets every month to consider grants (on the 2nd Tuesday of the month)
  • The deadline for applications to be submitted is the first Monday of the month

Click here to download the application form