Scooter Loan Scheme


Our Scooter Loan Scheme has been operating since 1997 and our motorised scooters have increased to 15.  The scooters are on long term loan to residents of Hatfield who would otherwise be virtually housebound for as long as is needed.  They are serviced twice a year by our supplier and are fully insured, all costs being met by the Trust.

Application forms for this Scheme are available from the Trust Manager.  They include a medical form to be completed by the applicant’s Doctor.  The Trust Manager will then carry out an assessment to ensure that the person is able to use the scooter safely, the storage area for the scooter is lockable and close to the home.  The applicant will be required to have an eye test.  The Trust Manager regularly visits each user to ensure the scooter is being used appropriately and to give advice or assistance if needed.

If you know someone or think you may benefit from the Scheme, please

Please contact the Trust Manager ( for an initial discussion.